December 5th, 2012 + 5:12 AM  ·  JieXian

epiphany at last

Updated version:


added a crescendo and changed the guitar tone and other small mixing tweaks

after hitting so many many dead ends, I've finally found an arrangement I'm happy with.

a v3 of this:


Somehow the limiter clipped in places that shouldnt. I set a ceiling of -0.3 but somehow it clipped in 1 spot where the intensity never reached that high >_>

What am I

November 22nd, 2012 + 2:11 PM  ·  JieXian

What am I

What am I

Who am I

I wish I knew

hahaha having some fun jamming, somehow I thought about creating a (not so good impression of a ) turntable/fader haha

Jun Seba (V2)

November 3rd, 2012 + 5:11 AM  ·  JieXian

Halt! Just lie down and stare at the sky...

My first ever track with Ableton

The next step I'm thinking of is to add a more percussive climax a la


(Denis you can add a guitar lead if you'd like. I can't make it work and I feel satisfied with this )

I have a problem with making it louder without clipping it...

Listening to Nujabes

October 27th, 2012 + 7:10 AM  ·  JieXian

Inspired by Nujabes (uploaded newer version)


I had this riff for a few weeks (the first one) and I had an idea after rediscovering Nujabes

I just started on it yesterday so I'm still ready to put in more stuff, make a better progression etc.

My first song with synths

Edit: just showed it to my sister and another guy and I should change some stuff: lower the kick drum volume, make a better transition to the beginning and less woodblock sounds and make it more in time

Edit2 : smoothened the transition and cleaned up the synchopated woodblock, going to put it on hold before making a proper v2 because I'm having exams
Still need to add in a variation on the piano on the 2nd time and make the claps sound better. And milk more from the B section, going to make it more dramatic

I have a newfound respect for all beatmakers and I'm going through futuresex/lovesounds from a totally different perspective :O, and other songs like In The Fog-Azure Ray or

15 to 5 v2

October 17th, 2012 + 7:10 AM  ·  JieXian

Edit: Now I consider it incomplete work without the lead

Submitted the final video.

Just noticed that I look quite bored because I've heard this song for 100 times...

Edit: Smoothened ending break transition.
hmm I'm still not satisfied with the build up to the ending riff.

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